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Pharm-Rx has built an exceptional reputation since 1991 as an importer and distributor of active ingredients to the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, personal care/cosmetic, & food industries. We are extremely selective with our suppliers working to collaborate with the finest partners around the globe. Our sustained growth is attributed to three core values of quality ingredients, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed customer service.

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David Lemeshow


In 1991, David Lemeshow founded Pharm-Rx Chemical Corporation. After receiving his Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from the State University of New York at Binghamton, he worked at Fritzsche, Dodge & Olcott (FD&O), which was the oldest manufacturer of flavors and fragrances in the country, and a subsidiary of BASF Corporation. Dave began at FD&O in 1979 as an Analytical Methodology Chemist. He was then promoted to Manager of their Basic Products Division, and then onto Account Manager for their Flavors and Fragrances Division. In 1986, Dave changed groups within BASF as he was promoted to field sales for the BASF Fine Chemicals group, representing both their lines of Nutritional Ingredients and of the Knoll Fine Chemicals bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s).

His years of experience as a Chemist and a Salesman made this a natural progression offering deep-rooted experience in the products offered by Pharm-Rx. His dedication to the growth of both its customers and suppliers earned Pharm-Rx and Dave an exceptional degree of loyalty, and an outstanding reputation in the industry. Pharm-Rx, to this day, still services many of its customers from the early 1990s as a testament to its exceptional service and ability to adapt to constant changes in the industry.

Carlos Doussinague

Executive Vice President

A native of Spain, Carlos graduated from the ESADE Business School in Barcelona with a degree in Business Administration. Carlos’ professional career has been dedicated to Fine Chemical Ingredients since 1985, holding different positions in Europe, South-East Asia, Latin America and the USA. He has developed an impressive business network that has helped Pharm-Rx grow as one of the leading suppliers to the industry since he joined the firm in 2001.

Since his arrival in the USA in 1994, Carlos has been actively involved in the highly regulated US Pharmaceutical Industry. He has been able to utilize his knowledge and experience in the FDA/DEA regulations and their application to the OTC, Rx, and Dietary Supplements businesses in the USA. His understanding of different cultures and his life long experiences in Fine Chemicals Industry makes Carlos the perfect partner for Pharm-Rx and its future in the Globalized World economy.

Mark Bostel

President & Head of Business Development

Mark joined Pharm-Rx in 2013. He received his Bachelors Degree with majors in International Finance and Marketing and Accounting from the University of Miami and pursued a Masters in Financial Accountancy from Rutgers University.

Mark is highly experienced in the Dietary Supplement and Fine Chemical industries working closely with suppliers around the globe and a wide variety of customers in North America. He works jointly with product development and purchasing teams overseeing projects from concept to commercialization. His dedication to work and thirst for knowledge make Mark a perfect fit for the Pharm-Rx team.

Ann Smith

Operations Manager

Ann joined Pharm-Rx in 2001. She received her BS degree from Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Ann is an integral part of the Pharm-Rx team and has a longstanding reputation for providing outstanding service to all of our customers, regardless of the volume of business they do with our company. Ann oversees the daily operations of Pharm-Rx. She handles accounts payable and receivable, domestic purchasing, FDA/DEA requirements for imports, and she supervises logistics and trafficking to ensure timely deliveries. Ann provides all regulatory documentation and requirements specific to customer needs and maintains close communication with customers from the time their order is placed until it is delivered. Ann’s upbeat personality, attention to detail, and exceptional interpersonal skills have allowed her to establish and maintain strong relationships with our customers.